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Bio-degradable Self-adhesive Bags

With the increase of people's awareness of environmental protection, plastic packaging has become more and more polluting to the environment, affecting the survival and development of human beings,Zeal X has been committed to researching alternative plastic more environmentally friendly materials - Bio-degradable Self-adhesive Bags. The main components of the biodegradable self-adhesive bag are PLA and PBAT and some starch or calcium carbonate. These materials are environmentally friendly and can be directly degraded into water and carbon dioxide under certain circumstances, so they can be treated directly as compost materials. Ordinary self-adhesive bags can not be degraded for decades, even if burned will produce harmful gases, so in terms of environmental protection, biodegradable self-adhesive bags are the future direction of development.   After years of development, the physical properties of biodegradable materials have gradually improved, and can reach 80% of the physical properties of traditional plastics, which can be applied to a variety of application scenarios.
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Biodegradable Plastic Bag Packaging

Biodegradable Plastic Bag Packaging

Zeal X biodegradable Plastic Bag Packaging is made of PBAT and modified corn starch, in line with international standards for biodegradable bags. Padded free, safe, and easy to use, our compostable polyethylene mail is padded free and perfect for sending non-fragile items such as clothes and accessories, shirts, shoes, jeans, books, makeup, and more! Our strong tamper-proof adhesive strip is there, so once sealed, it cannot be opened without obvious signs of tampering. Make sure your package is secure and use strong packaging that is not easy to open to prevent thieves. For printing, we use vegetable oil as the base material for the ink, which does not contain any plastic or PVC compared to traditional ink, which makes it more environmentally friendly.

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Customized Bio-degradable Self-adhesive Bags can be wholesaled from Zeal X. As one of the professional China Bio-degradable Self-adhesive Bags manufacturers and suppliers, our product have passed CE and FSC certification. Besides, we have our own factory, can provide you free design services. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you want to buy cheap Bio-degradable Self-adhesive Bags. Contact us, we will provide you free sample.