Paper Flat Pocket Bags

Zeal X main products include post-consumed recycled poly bags, 100% bio-degradable bags, gift boxes , recycled paper boxes and other portfolio of eco-friendly packaging materials.

Paper Flat Pocket Bags production process, by the machine after blowing film, and then to the bag making machine cut into a bag, the bottom seal.     And can be customized LOGO and pattern (according to customer needs to customize), flat pocket bags is mainly used for product internal packaging, its main application areas:

1, Packaging of dust-free products

2, electronic industry parts packaging, direct contact with the product packaging

3, semiconductor, optical instrument packaging, clean indoor product packaging

4, hard drive, hardware product packaging, component packaging

5, product packaging, no special requirements of product packaging, etc

6. Inner packaging of clothing and accessories

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Sandwich Paper Bags

Sandwich Paper Bags

Zeal X Sandwich Paper Bags, square bottom makes this snack lunch bag can be used alone and is easy to pack. Oil-proof food storage bag,you never have to worry about grease leaking out of the bag and getting on your clothes. Our kraft paper sandwich bags are naturally oil-resistant, leaving the original flavor and taste of the food intact. Perfect for French fries, burgers, mozzarella strips, soft pretzels, sandwiches, beef patties, empanadas, and more! Cowhide brown lunch bags can be printed with patterns, you can decorate these bags with painting, coloring, etc. for different purposes, or you can staple your business card to the bag, or cover the outside of the bag with your logo.

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Customized Paper Flat Pocket Bags can be wholesaled from Zeal X. As one of the professional China Paper Flat Pocket Bags manufacturers and suppliers, our product have passed CE and FSC certification. Besides, we have our own factory, can provide you free design services. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you want to buy cheap Paper Flat Pocket Bags. Contact us, we will provide you free sample.
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