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Recycled HD Paper Card Board Packaging

You can rest assured to buy Recycled Hd Paper Card Board Packaging from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery. Cardboard is a material made of cellulose pulp, which has high strength and toughness. It can be made by soaking the pulp in water and then pressing and drying it. Because of its unique structure and characteristics, cardboard has been widely used in many industries.

1.   Protect the product, recycled HD paper card board packaging can provide good impact resistance and protection performance, protect the goods from external impact, extrusion and moisture.

2.   Promotion and display: Cardboard packaging can attract the attention of consumers through design and printing, improve the competitiveness of the product, and provide a platform for product display.

3.   Furniture, cardboard can be made into carefully designed furniture tables, chairs, load-bearing do not have to worry about, such furniture is both environmentally friendly and no harm from formaldehyde.

4.   Convenient and economical: Cardboard packaging is relatively light and easy to carry and transport.   Compared with other packaging materials, cardboard packaging costs less and is more economical.

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Customized Recycled HD Paper Card Board Packaging can be wholesaled from Zeal X. As one of the professional China Recycled HD Paper Card Board Packaging manufacturers and suppliers, our product have passed CE and FSC certification. Besides, we have our own factory, can provide you free design services. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you want to buy cheap Recycled HD Paper Card Board Packaging. Contact us, we will provide you free sample.