Glassine Bags

Zeal X glassine bags is characterized by dense, uniform texture, good internal strength and light transmission. It is a common material for making packaging bags, especially suitable for clothing packaging.

Glasin paper with high temperature, moisture, oil and other functions, generally used in clothing, food, electronics, home gifts and other industries packaging.In packaging products, the commonly used Glassine paper weight is 40g, 60g, 80g and so on.

Zeal X is also FSC certified, which means that we do not use endangered tree species or illegally felled raw materials at source, and that we are environmentally responsible in packaging design, development and production.Coated paper, kraft paper, white cardboard, writing paper, Glassine paper, wax paper, cellophane and other materials can meet the needs of various exquisite bag types, recycling, recycling.

Zeal X has a complete range of equipment, in addition to a number of commonly used film blowing machines, Germany Heidelberg 7-color oil printing machine, Japan Akiyama 4-color printing machine, all kinds of bag making machines, edging machines, button machines, Zeal X also has a special and advanced paper bag machine in the industry, in terms of technology, specifications, standards and practical aspects have an incomparable advantage. Zeal X packaging can achieve the efficient and high-quality production of plastic-free paper bags to meet the needs of many customers in different specifications, especially the production of paper bags, which is a strong technical advantage in the industry.

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Glassine Self-adhesive Bag

Glassine Self-adhesive Bag

Zeal X glassine self-adhesive bag are made of pure paper, high transparency, we pay attention to the customer experience, the entire bag is environmentally degradable, easy to tear edge design, with self-adhesive edges, easy to use. We care about our planet. We know environmental protection has a long way to go and we understand it can’t be accomplished overnight. No one product or one organization can provide the solution. We work closely with our customers and encourage them to consider the products intended use and if Zeal X can provide a solution that allows for reuse, reduction or degrable capabilities and help them to decide what is the best solution for their needs.

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Customized Glassine Bags can be wholesaled from Zeal X. As one of the professional China Glassine Bags manufacturers and suppliers, our product have passed CE and FSC certification. Besides, we have our own factory, can provide you free design services. Customers are satisfied with our products and excellent service. If you want to buy cheap Glassine Bags. Contact us, we will provide you free sample.
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