Advantages of kraft paper bags


Why can kraft paper be widely used and popularized? The first is the impact of national policies, by the "plastic limit Order" in these years, the production capacity of the paper industry continues to increase, on the other hand is the change of consumption concept, people pay more attention to the "green, environmental protection, low-carbon" lifestyle

Kraft paper is made of wood pulp fiber, so the kraft paper packaging can be recycled, which can effectively reduce the consumption of forest resources. This is not possible with other packaging materials. Usually from the widespread popularity of kraft paper packaging can be seen, kraft paper as a representative of environmental protection packaging is recognized and valued by designers.

Kraft paper bags have good environmental performance, non-toxic and tasteless, and can also be recycled, which can better beautify our environment. Printing performance of kraft paper bags. Kraft paper bags do not need full printing, just a simple line can produce a beautiful pattern, the effect of packaging than plastic bags look high-end atmosphere. At the same time, it reduces the printing cost of kraft paper bags, and also reduces the production cycle and cost. 3, the processing performance of kraft paper bags, kraft paper paper has a certain cushioning, fall resistance, good stiffness and cushioning, and can also be reused.

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