The difference between Glassine paper and ordinary paper


Glasin paper: The bottom paper is dense and uniform, with good internal strength and light transmission. It is a common material for making bar code labels, self-adhesive, tape or sticky industrial products, especially suitable for rotary and plate die-cutting.

Glasin paper with high temperature, moisture, oil and other functions, generally used in food, medicine and other industries packaging. Mainly used for: high-speed automatic labeling (especially suitable for high-speed label paste) special tape, double-sided tape substrate trademark, laser anti-counterfeiting label and other release applications.

The main use in medical products is as a release paper for tape and dressing products. Commonly used gram weight is 60g~120g.

First, the material difference between Grassing paper and ordinary paper

Glasin paper, like ordinary paper, is made of cellulose. However, the raw materials used in Glasin paper are more pure, which contains fewer impurities, and the length and diameter of the fibers are relatively large, which makes the density and thickness of the paper higher.

Second, the surface difference between Grassing paper and ordinary paper

The surface of Glasin paper is generally covered with lines, which can be naturally formed textures, or can be artificially processed and designed. The surface of ordinary paper is generally smooth and has no texture. These lines make Glasin paper more textured and more suitable for artistic design and creation.

Third, the color difference between Grassing paper and ordinary paper

Compared with ordinary paper, Glasin paper is more colorful and more colorful. This is because the grain on its surface is often achieved by printing color inks at the same time. In terms of printing, Glasin paper is more suitable for complex and changeable printing processes, which can achieve more fine and complex printing effects.

Fourth, the difference between the richness and scope of application of Glasin paper and ordinary paper

Glasin paper can present different styles and colors through different textures and different printing effects, with richer expression. Ordinary paper is relatively simple, the expression will be limited. Therefore, Glasin paper is more suitable for the design and creation of art books, posters, paintings and other fields.

To sum up, the difference between Glasin paper and ordinary paper lies in the material, surface, color and scope of application. As a high-grade art paper, Glasin paper has a more extensive application and more wonderful performance in the field of art.

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