How to choose the right packaging material?


When choosing the right packaging material, you need to consider the nature of the item, its size, weight, and potential risks during transportation or storage. Here are some common items and their recommended packaging materials:

Paper items:

For paper items with a thickness of more than 1CM, you can use a document seal for packaging. For items that are not easy to break and resist pressure, such as books, samples, etc., you can choose packaging bags.

Brittle and fragile items:

Such as glass, optical discs, lighting, ceramics, etc., multi-level packaging methods should be used, including express mail, liner materials, inner packaging, buffer materials and transportation packaging.

Small hardware accessories, buttons, etc. :

These items can be packed in plastic bags and tightly sealed after gathering. When the quantity is small, the packaging bag can be used as the outer packaging; In large quantities, cartons or wooden cases of solid texture and moderate size should be used, and the gaps should be filled with filling materials.

Heavier items:

Such as machine parts, molds, metal blocks, etc., should first use soft packaging materials (such as bubble wrap), and then choose plastic bags, cartons or wooden cases according to the characteristics of the item, and reinforcement with packing tape.

Irregular (shaped), oversized, and extra-long items:

Soft materials such as bubble pads should be used for full or partial packaging to protect vulnerable parts. Slender items should be bundled and reinforced to reduce damage.

Large cylindrical or raw material items: such as cloth, leather, shoe materials, foam, etc., should be wrapped with transparent plastic film, and then wrapped with adhesive paper.

Special products:

In the case of fruit, packaging materials such as bamboo cages or baskets should be selected that can prevent damage and deterioration without contaminating other items.

Liquid items:

There should be a gap of 5%-10% inside the container, and the cover should be tight to prevent leakage. Glass containers containing liquid each bottle capacity should not exceed 500ml, if the strength of the container is small, you should use cartons or wooden cases reinforced packaging.

Special Items:

Solid items such as steel balls in bearings that are permeated with oil should be filled with gaskets and adsorption materials to prevent leakage.

Powdered items:

Plastic coated woven bags should be used as outer packaging to ensure that the powder is not easy to leak out.

When choosing packaging materials, you also need to consider environmental factors and cost effectiveness. For example, although plastic products are easy to view products and suitable for food packaging, too much use is not conducive to environmental protection. Consider using biodegradable plastic materials or reusing plastic bags. Paper packaging design provides a variety of options, including coated paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, etc., different materials are suitable for different packaging needs.


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