Is it OK to pack cosmetics in honeycomb paper? Does honeycomb paper packaging cosmetics nice?


Cosmetics with honeycomb paper packaging is of course, not only can do a good job of buffer protection, honeycomb paper packaging beauty is also very good. The honeycomb paper is stretched into a three-dimensional honeycomb unit, which forms a good cushioning pad after wrapping, which can effectively protect the product.

Cosmetic packaging usually uses honeycomb paper and lined soft white paper with packaging, packaging is lined with inner paper and then wrapped products scratch protection, the outside by honeycomb paper to do shock absorption protection, can well protect the transportation of cosmetics and crafts.

Honeycomb wrapping paper stretched after the honeycomb unit is not easy to slide open after overlapping, packaging does not need to use tape, to ensure the beauty of the product packaging, in order to improve some packaging grade can use twine, ribbon to bundle decoration, such packaging is beautiful and safe.

Honeycomb paper color has a variety of options, brown, white, black, red, yellow, very beautiful and beautiful, customers can choose according to their own products, enhance the packaging grade.