What are the benefits of biodegradable injection molded materials?


It is said that there are a large number of biodegradable injection molding material products on the market, which is no difference on the surface compared with ordinary plastic bags, but a big difference will be found in technology.    Now many supermarkets, stores are just plain bags.    Ordinary people will take these bags of vegetables back home as garbage bags after buying vegetables, which is tantamount to causing secondary pollution to the environment.    Next, let's take a look at what are the benefits of biodegradable injection molding materials compared to ordinary plastic products?

There are still many biodegradable plastic bags found on the market, there are many degradation formulas, there are many types of degradation agents added, and the degradation time is also different.

Environmental protection, biodegradable (compostable) is the biggest feature of our products, products rely on the company's independent development of environmental plastic technology, polycarbonate PLA/PBAT as the base material (raw materials for straw, coffee grounds, bamboo fiber, palm silk, tea, etc., can be customized at will), the use of production technology to make products, in 1 to 2 years through the role of environmental microorganisms, It can accelerate degradation into water,  carbon dioxide and soil fertility, return to the natural circle, and achieve complete degradation.

It can be seen that biodegradable plastic bags have many advantages over ordinary plastic products.    At present, most countries are gradually implementing plastic restrictions, which shows that people have understood the harm of ordinary plastic products to the environment.    Now the production of biodegradable plastic bags can solve the current problem.

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