Choneycomb cardboard
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Choneycomb cardboard

You can rest assured to buy Choneycomb cardboard from our factory. Light weight, less material, low cost. The honeycomb sandwich structure has a higher strength to yield ratio, so its finished product has a better cost/performance ratio, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paperboard. Because of its light weight, it can bring better economic benefits to users. High strength, smooth surface, not easy to deformation. The front of ordinary honeycomb cardboard can withstand 2-5kg of pressure per square centimeter, and has good impact resistance and buffering. Honeycomb board is made of flexible paper core and face paper, with good toughness and resilience. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent buffering performance, with a higher energy absorption value per unit volume of all buffering materials. Acoustic insulation. The honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has good sound insulation and thermal insulation properties. No pollution, in line with modern environmental trends. All honeycomb panels are made of recycled paper, which saves wood instead of wood and replaces EPS plastic pads. After use, they can be fully recycled. Even if discarded, it can be naturally degraded and absorbed. It is a good green environmental protection material.

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Product Description

Products Name
Choneycomb cardboard
Eco-friendly, durable, recyclable,Shockproof, good cushioning and pressure resistance
Packaging/pad/partition/printing, etc
10-70 mm /As Customer's Request
Product aperture
4 mm,6 mm/As Customer's Request
Delivery Time
7-15 days,it depends on the quantity
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Dongguan Heshengyuan Environmental Protection Material Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zeal X Group. We have a paper box ,paper bag, paper products printing factory and a plastic bag products factory. We also provide customers with a one-stop package combination,which saves a lot of communication time and transportation costs, making your purchasing work more efficient.

You will inform us of your purchasing needs, we will help you with one-stop matching, don't worry.

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