​GRS certification requirements for recycled materials!


GRS is a global recycling standard, as well as an international, voluntary and complete product standard. The content is designed to implement product recycling/recycling components, chain of custody controls, social responsibility and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions for supply chain manufacturers, and is certified by a third-party certification body. What are the GRS certification requirements for recycled materials?

1.GRS certified products must contain at least 20% recyclable ingredients.

2. Provide valid supplier certificate or declaration of recycled raw materials.

3. Products containing at least 50% recyclable ingredients comply with the specific GRS mark.

4. All relevant traceability documents and/or test results are deemed to establish the characteristics of the certified raw material.

(5) Certificates or declarations of recovered raw materials shall be provided at least once a year or in the event of significant changes in the source.

6. Are there procedures in place to check all batches of recycled raw materials to determine that the raw materials are not original ecological substances.

7. How to determine that all recycled materials entering supply chain management have a valid trading certificate approved by an authorized certification body.

8. Verify and confirm that all certified raw materials are from the corresponding processing and sales, with reasonable legal authorization, and can provide copies of relevant documents.

9.This standard strictly limits the use of toxic chemicals in the production of GRS products, which does not only mean that we focus only on recycled materials or residual chemicals in products.

10. You can easily calculate authentication components using the total output balance relationship. If there is no GRS production, an example needs to be provided (to test the traceability of the product delivered on the actual order).

11. There are certain differences in the procurement and processing consumption of raw materials. The approved party needs to submit the total output balance of each raw material to resolve the difficulties.

12. GRS certified products may use the term "manufactured with X% (recycled materials)" or "including X% (recycled materials)".