​Kraft paper packaging trends!


With the strengthening of the awareness of environmental protection, the future with environmental green packaging as the material of buffer packaging will become the development trend of buffer packaging, kraft paper pad as a new green packaging material will also become a focus of the development of environmental protection packaging in the future.

Earlier in the packaging industry, kraft paper is only used for some simple commodity packaging, and beautiful goods are packaged with wooden boxes, iron boxes, etc., and in recent years, more and more beautiful products have begun to use kraft paper to package, kraft paper is widely used in gift packaging boxes.

There are three reasons why kraft paper is so popular in the packaging industry:

1.  The popular trend changes, the packaging style required by the market is also changing, and the simple packaging style of kraft paper is loved by everyone.

2.  Social factors: environmental protection, saving the impact of factors, kraft paper is completely degradable or recyclable recycling, will not cause harm to the environment, so kraft paper environmental protection is valued by the market.

3.High plasticity of kraft paper: the unique color of kraft paper can be combined with a unique design to produce very creative works, but also can only be slightly printed to produce simple and generous packaging.  High plasticity, so that kraft paper is widely adapted to all kinds of packaging.

And kraft paper can also produce buffer packaging, such as cushioned paper pad, cushioned paper pad machine can be multi-layer composite kraft paper processing into cushioned paper pad, filled with paper balls to provide complete shock protection for your products;  Kraft honeycomb wrapping paper, like a honeycomb shape, can provide good cushioning effect to the product;  Honeycomb kraft paper envelope bag is the combination of single-layer kraft paper envelope bag plus honeycomb wrapping paper, the buffering effect is doubled, suitable for the transport of fragile products.