What is honeycomb wrapping paper? What are the advantages of honeycomb wrapping paper?


Honeycomb wrapping paper is also known as honeycomb buffer paper, honeycomb kraft paper, honeycomb wrapping paper, honeycomb damping wrapping paper, etc. Its principle is based on the honeycomb structure in nature and research and production, it is a flat high-strength kraft paper through mechanical processing to generate countless hollow three-dimensional polygons, Form a whole withstand the buffer extrusion and other force structure of green new environmental protection packaging materials.

Basic features of honeycomb wrapping paper:

1. Light material, less raw materials, low cost.

The structure of honeycomb wrapping paper is compared with the structure of other packaging buffer materials, which has light weight, good strength, strong buffer protection, green environmental protection, degradable and pollution-free, so the cost performance of its finished products is high, as above are the advantages of honeycomb wrapping paper.

2. High strength, surface fluctuation, extrusion is not easy to deformation.

The structure of honeycomb wrapping paper is similar to the honeycomb structure in nature, the structural stability is good, not easy to deformation, and its outstanding pressure resistance and pressure resistance are the more important characteristics of packaging materials.

3. Good impact resistance and cushioning.

Honeycomb wrapping paper is made of high-strength flexible kraft paper, with good toughness and resilience, its unique three-dimensional multi-faceted structure provides multi-space layering, plays an excellent buffer performance, and has a higher energy absorption value per unit volume in all buffer materials.    High-thickness honeycomb wrapping paper can replace the plastic foam cushion, pearl cotton, bubble bag, bubble film, bubble column and other non-environmentally friendly packaging materials.

4.Sound absorption, heat dissipation, heat preservation, moisture-proof.

Honeycomb wrapping paper has the characteristics of multi-angle three-dimensional structure, so it has good sound insulation, heat dissipation, heat preservation and moisture resistance.

5. No pollution, in line with the modern environmental trend.

The honeycomb wrapping paper produced by Zeal X is made of 100% natural kraft paper base paper, without adding any raw materials and materials in the production process, and can be naturally degraded in any natural environment after use.

Honeycomb packaging paper production process is almost no waste and corner surplus, in the few only scraps, can also be used as other items packaging or filling use, cut by nature degradation, absorption, is a good green packaging materials.

With the increasing requirements of the international community for environmental protection, developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea have begun to gradually require packaging goods to be processed with non-plastic packaging materials, and honeycomb wrapping paper, as a new type of environmental protection materials, is increasingly favored by large and medium-sized enterprises in various countries.

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