Advantages of kraft paper packaging


With the promotion of environmental protection more and more widely, many enterprises choose kraft paper bags for packaging.

1, kraft packaging bag is more environmentally friendly.  In the situation of people's increasing environmental awareness, kraft paper non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, recyclable characteristics, more and more people began to use kraft paper bags.

2, kraft paper bag printing performance is strong.  Kraft paper itself has color, printing does not need to be full plate printing, just draw the pattern can produce beauty, the effect is outstanding.  This not only reduces printing costs, but also reduces costs and printing cycles.

3, with superior processing performance.  Kraft paper has a certain cushioning performance, anti-fall performance, product processing of mechanical parts, good cushioning, easy to compound processing.

Kraft paper is wood pulp paper, is also a kind of environmentally friendly paper, base paper pulp is made from artificial trees, and can be recycled many times, that is, recycled kraft paper, in line with the protection of the environment and consumption concept of today's society.