How to choose the right packaging box for your product?


Packaging is designed for the product.   From the perspective of integrated communication concept put forward by modern marketing, packaging is not only a problem in product strategy, it has become an irreplaceable medium in promotion.   Enterprises need to convey the connotation of the product through the carrier of packaging, and also need to complete a step closer communication with consumers through packaging.

Packaging design positioning mainly includes: brand positioning, gift positioning, symbolic positioning, traditional positioning, differentiated positioning, promotional positioning and so on.   Any product entering the market circulation and consumption must have the theme and focus of packaging, emphasizing the pertinence of packaging design, so that the goods are marketable and more competitive in the market.   At present, the development of international market retail, using the form of supermarkets or online e-commerce, people's understanding of commodity packaging has gradually deepened and refined, not only the quality of the product itself is required to be high, in the appearance of the packaging design to have a novel shape, harmonious and pleasing tone, exquisite production process.   In particular, it is necessary to highlight the distinctive personality of the commodity, in many goods, with visual appeal, can attract the line of sight of customers, the first impression on the packaging often becomes a prerequisite for customer choice.

Product packaging design to adapt to the needs of self-selected shopping malls, so as to expand sales and increase prices.   The unique social function of commodity packaging has shown its attractive charm from its own formation and development, and has become one of the important symbols to measure the lifestyle and level of modern people.   If high-quality products lack exquisite packaging, sales may be greatly reduced, and excellent packaging can also create information such as corporate culture to customers.

In fact, whether the packaging can attract customers, and the resulting best-selling or unsalable products is an important factor, therefore, designers should in-depth analysis and research on the basis of products, markets, consumers, according to their own packaging theme, determine the corresponding design positioning, to find out the difference between their products and other products (selling points), Will be better than the characteristics of other products to highlight,   clear the primary and secondary relationship, for the creativity and performance of packaging design to establish the main content and direction.   Therefore, scientific, firm, beautiful, economic, marketable reasonable packaging, its value can be recognized by society.

When considering how to choose a suitable packaging for your products, you should consider the following elements.

1.   Need to package the value of the product.   (Consider what kind of packaging to use.)

2.   Determine the size of the product, which determines the specifications of your box.

2 Product weight (packaging should be able to bear the weight of the product).

3 Transport distance (considering the firmness of the package).

4 Whether the publicity effect is needed (to determine the complexity of packaging printing).

5 The profit margin of the packaged product (determining how much money should be paid for packaging).

6 According to the needs of customers to use the product to consider what type of packing box (box) type, and so on.

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