Different uses of PE material


PE plastic bags are a very common packaging material in our lives, which can be used in many fields such as food, medical care, cosmetics, household goods and so on. Due to the soft, wear-resistant, high transparency, low price and other advantages of PE plastic bags, they are loved by the majority of consumers. However, when choosing PE plastic bags, many people do not know how to choose is correct. Here is to give you a detailed introduction to how to correctly choose PE plastic bags.

First, understand the types of PE plastic bags

There are more types of PE plastic bags, which can be divided into PE, CPE, EVA and other types according to the composition. PE material refers to polyethylene material, its high transparency, good softness, often used in food, catering, medical, cosmetics and other packaging. CPE material is an improved version of polyethylene material, which is more wear-resistant, temperature resistant and better sealed than PE, and is often used in operating rooms, hospitals and other environments requiring high requirements. EVA material is ethylene vinyl acetate material, with good softness and toughness, can be used to make environmentally friendly bags, shopping bags and so on.

Second, understand the characteristics of PE plastic bags

In addition to the type, the performance of PE plastic bags also needs to be understood. In the actual application process, PE plastic bags have some characteristics that can help us better choose.

1, thickness: Usually the thickness of PE plastic bags ranges from 0.008-0.2mm, different thickness of PE plastic bags are suitable for different markets and application fields.

2, stretchability: the quality of PE plastic bags has a great relationship with its stretchability. Usually PE plastic bags with good stretch are easier to use and store.

3, transparency: transparency is one of the important indicators of PE plastic bags, good PE plastic bags generally have good transparency, which can make consumers more intuitive to understand the items in the package, so as to better achieve the purpose of promoting products.

4, environmental protection: PE plastic bags are plastic products, but through a reasonable manufacturing process and the correct treatment after use, you can also achieve better environmental protection.

Third, choose the use of PE plastic bags

Different packaging materials are suitable for different fields, and PE plastic bags are no exception. When selecting PE plastic bags, you need to choose them according to the use scenario.

1, food packaging: in terms of food packaging, the choice of good transparency, strong sealing, no odor, non-toxic and harmless PE plastic bags is a relatively safe choice.

2, medical supplies packaging: In the medical field, choose PE plastic bags with good texture, good sealing and wear resistance to ensure that they meet medical device standards.

3, household goods packaging: In the field of home furnishing, the choice of good softness, wear resistance, good tensile PE plastic bags is a more suitable choice.

Fourth, choose the manufacturer of PE plastic bags

In the manufacturing process of PE plastic bags, the choice of manufacturer is also very important. When choosing a manufacturer of PE plastic bags, it is necessary to choose a regular, brand, and rich production experience manufacturer, and the first-class quality can better guarantee the use effect.

To sum up, only according to different packaging areas and use scenarios to make choices, is the correct way to choose PE plastic bags. At the same time, the characteristics of PE plastic bags also need to be understood to better meet the demand. Choosing the manufacturer of PE plastic bags is also the key, only the best selection, in order to ensure the production quality and use effect.