Resealable Bag for Shoes
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Resealable Bag for Shoes

Zeal X Resealable bag For Shoes provide completely airtight storage for your shoes or clothing, with no vents; This thorough seal keeps air, dust, and moisture out of the bag so they can't reach your clothes; By maintaining an airtight environment, you can be confident that your shoes,clothes will stay fresh and avoid potential damage caused by external factors. Resealable plastic bags are easy to instantly and safely self-seal, facilitating the opening and closing of plastic bags, speeding up packaging and mailing operations without the need for a pulse sealer or tape, and can be opened and closed multiple times. Using 100% recyclable LDPE durable materials, greater resistance to tearing and splitting. Resealable bags have a wide range of uses and can be used for various purposes other than clothing packaging;They can also be used to store accessories such as soft toys, shoes, underwear, vests, artwork, photos, documents, or other small items.
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Product Description

Resealable bag For Shoes

Zeal X Resealable bag For Shoes are made of 100% recyclable LDPE durable materials that are more resistant to tearing and splitting. No vents, can be sealed thoroughly, printed warnings. It can be opened and closed quickly, and can be re-sealed many times, and can also be reused. With 10 years of export experience, Zeal X manufactures products and is a partner to some of the world's most well-known namesake brands, including Callaway, Travis Mathew, Camper, Tesco, New Yorker and more. Zeal X also cares about our planet and our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and global trends, working with each of our partners to consider the use of packaging that can be reused, reduced, recycled and degraded. Our main products include post-consumer recycled plastic bags, 100% biodegradable bags, gift boxes, recycled cartons and other environmentally friendly packaging materials. Our factory has passed iso9001 / iso14001 certification, and our products have passed GRS, FSC, REACH, BHT and other certifications.

Zeal X Eco-friendly Ziplock Bags Parameter (Specification)

Product Item Recycled Poly Bag
Size Custom, different sizes are available
Thickness 20 microns-160 microns / Custom
Material LDPE / HDPE / PP / OPP / CPE / , etc.…
PLA + PBAT + Corn starch;
PBAT + Starch + Calcium Carbonate.

Quantities 10000- 500,000,00
Color Custom, per client's requirements
Printing Supports customization, up to 10 colors
Sealing Type Destructive glue/Reusable glue/Environmentally friendly glue ect..
Packaging By woven bags or flat bags in Cartons, on pallets with wrapping/According to customer requirements
Delivery 10-15 Business Days , Rush/It depends on the quantity
Feature & Advantage * Waterproof, shock resistance, lightweight, biodegradable,self-adhesive
* disposable, recyclable, durable, protective, durable, security
* 100% brand new material, great tensile strength
* Manufacturer, professional seller
* Customization: size, style, color, logo, etc..
* Stable delivery time
* Environmental material
* Printable
* Competitive price with superior quality
* Strong adhesiveness, destructive glue
* Strong bearing capacity
* Free samples
* Stable quality control and good quality system
Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001,GRS, FSC, REACH, BHT, etc.

Zeal X Clothing Bag Packaging Feature And Application

Feature:Zipper Bag is resealable, durable and strong, non-toxic, tasteless, acid-free, has excellent waterproof isolation, and can be 100% recyclable and green environmentally friendly.

Application:Zip Lock Bag different sizes are suitable for different fields, such as storage, clothing, shoes, jewelry, medical, hardware accessories, etc.

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Custom Poly Bag Types

Custom Printing

HD Print

You can choose to print slogans or logos, you can choose multi-color printing, or you can customize it according to your requirements. Copperplate printing and offset printing how to choose?

Offset printing is characterized by a simple process, large printing volume, short cycle, low cost, but the precision is not as high as copper plate printing.

Copper plate printing is characterized by fine printing graphics, no leakage, no multiple printing, no raw edge, etc., but its printing cost is higher. If the printing is more fine or the printing requirements are higher, the choice of copper plate printing will be more appropriate.

If you are still not sure how to choose, please contact us and we will give you professional advice.

Custom Thickness

Product Case

Production Process

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