Brown Kraft Paper Mailers
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Brown Kraft Paper Mailers

Zeal X Brown Kraft Paper Mailers are made of environmentally friendly 100% wood pulp. Because the fiber is long, it has excellent tear resistance, the material is distributed according to the scientific percentage, the thickness is uniform, the toughness is strong, and the strength is high. The bottom is firmly glued and durable, this delivery bag is made of heavy weight unbleached kraft paper, so the contents are light tight. The side gusset folding delivery bag allows you to complete the package because you put the item inside, making it easy to pack and clean, and the bottom folding is more convenient for storage. The delivery paper bag has a wide and strong double-sided tape, making it safer than the envelope, but also convenient to transport items, more suitable for packaging and transportation. It is used to store files. For transporting clothing and small luggage. Shipping auction. With folding plate, easy to store thick books, magazines and so on.
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Product Description

Brown Kraft Paper Mailers

Zeal X Brown Kraft Paper Mailers is made of FSC certified 100% raw wood pulp material, with superior tear resistance, uniform thickness, strong toughness, double self-adhesive bag design, safer during transportation. Zeal X also cares about our planet and our mission is to be at the forefront of technology and global trends, working with each of our partners to consider the use of packaging that can be reused, reduced, recycled and degraded. With more than 10 years of experience and innovative approach, our products are exported to USA, UK, France, Germany, Denmark, Australia, Japan and other countries around the world. After years of close cooperation with customers, we have built up a rich and professional product portfolio in packaging design and manufacturing and have developed into a global packaging solutions provider.

Zeal X Eco-friendly Kraft Paper Bag Parameter (Specification)

Product Item Paper Mailers
Material (FSC) Paper,Customized material choice
70-130g, or 125-250g according to different bag type, material like coated paper, kraft paper, paper carboard all acceptable. We can suggest standard quality material for you.
Color Natural brown/ white/ black/other colours upon request
Size Customized Based on Your Requests
Thickness Kraft: 70 - 110 gsm
Quantities 500- 500,000
Printing Method Flexo with water-based ink
Flap shape 1 self adhesive strip, 2 strip, perforated lines, easy tear line, handle etc.
Feature Durable, Heavy-Duty, Recyclable,100% Eco Friendly, Shipping Packaging, Can do waterproof one
Design format Psd, pdf, AI etc
Production time 10-15 Business Days , Rush/It depends on the quantity
Certificates ISO 9001, ISO 14001,GRS, FSC, REACH, BHT, etc.
Sample 1).We can provide the free samples in stock for you to check the quality, similar to the color , materials, type, size you need, just to check the sample quality for reference.
2). You can send your samples for us to check if necessary.

Zeal X printed logo paper mailers Feature And Application

Feature:Biodegradable Kraft Paper Mailer good waterproof performance, no longer afraid of rainy days; Super adhesive use, destroy rubber sealing, protect privacy, privacy is good.

Application:Brown Kraft Paper Bags can be used in clothing,shoes,bags, artware, digital products,gift,cosmetics packaging, warehousing, shopping, distribution and other aspects.

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Custom size and type

In order to ensure stability, paper envelope bags generally have a 5-10mm blank pressing, which needs attention when selecting the size. Choose the type and size of the bag you need, you can do waterproof design, hope to bring you quality customer experience, need samples, please contact us!

Custom Printing

As people's awareness of environmental protection becomes more and more clear, environmentally friendly packaging is loved by more people, envelope bags as transport bags demand is very large, the choice of environmentally friendly materials is very necessary, there are a lot of companies have changed all the product packaging into environmentally friendly degradable recyclable materials.

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